HCL Services

HCL Energy Services is equipped to maintain, service and overhaul equipment and machinery, from the smallest pump to the largest gas compressor and engine.

HCL Energy Services are committed to Health and Safety. We believe fostering a safety conscious culture is vital. All our employees are encouraged to make safety observations, highlight safety concerns and prioritise this over and above getting the job done.
We also highly value our people and our clients. Training and development are both paramount to assisting us to achieve our goals of exceeding our clients’ needs and assisting our employees to grow. Quality, being an imperative core value, drives our leadership and service goals.


  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Shutdown Planning
  • Shutdown Surveys
  • Engine and Compressor Servicing
  • Laser Shaft / Belt Alignment

Rotating Equipment Servicing

We service, overhaul and repair all pumps and gearboxes.

Engine / Compressor Servicing

We have experienced technicians who can carry out gas compressor, diesel and gas engine servicing, repairs and overhauls.

Shutdown Survey Work

HCL has years of experience in the management, preparation and execution of shutdown survey work. All completed on time and on budget.

Mechanical Seals

Our team of trained technicians install and maintain all types of mechanical seals.

Laser Shaft / Belt Alignment

We own one of the highest specification laser alignment tools in New Zealand.

Building Works / Civil Works

We have qualified builders available to assist with building projects. We can also organise and manage civil works as required.

Project Supervision

We can supervise your project from start to finish and assist to bring it to completion on time, on budget and to specification.

Ground Maintenance / Weed Control

HCL have the right person for all ground maintenance and weed control work. Including a qualified chemical handler to ensure there is no risk to the environment.

New Plant Commissioning

We can provide an experienced specialist mechanical team to carry out all areas of new plant commissioning and rotating equipment preparation.

Safety Observer / Permit to Work / Gas Detector
Confined Space / Lift Equipment

Our team are trained in the necessary safety system areas which will ensure that jobs are completed safely and promptly.

Safety is a priority with HCL